OMG so many butterflies. Kwai walked me home from school yesterday and I couldn’t stop babbling cuz I was so happy!
I’m so glad god made Kwai a boy so he could fall in love with me.

OMG so many butterflies. Kwai walked me home from school yesterday and I couldn’t stop babbling cuz I was so happy!

I’m so glad god made Kwai a boy so he could fall in love with me.

Somebody sent me to this video… Why do they keep asking about the surgery? I asked Kwai but he just rolled his eyes and told me we’ve talked about this b4…

He’s prolly jus celebrating shark week :p

What show is this?! This couple looks JUST like us! We’re hotter though ;) Lol

I could have practically made this myself! I do! I do!

I could have practically made this myself! I do! I do!



Rufus who?

My trans boyfriend & I share a spotify account (I got him to set the password to my petname for him - how presh!). He keeps listening to this Rufus Wainwright guy over and over again. Isn’t he gay? So his songs are gay? And…




kwai is my idea of perfect<3

kwai is my idea of perfect<3

So I see all these other girls, throughout my day, on my dash, at work, at the mall, etc.


And I just think…wow, she’s nothing compared to my girlfriend.

I am just so utterly in love with her, I’m infatuated, I…I cannot get enough of her. She is legitimately the most open, honest, kind, beautiful soul I’ve ever come across. I can’t even notice anyone else anymore, not really. Because she is my be all, end all. She’s my soulmate.

I’m going to marry her one day. It’s already been decided. :]


i really hope that kwai thinks this way about me<3


SOOO as all you trans* know, TDOR was recently, and as tradition GOES you give all the transgender people in your life presents to let them know that you love them and youre proud of them and you remember them always as trans!!!!!

this year, i had the perfect gifts for kwai, so i thought i would show them to you all as a gift guide for ideas for next year. it might be january, but it is 


to start thinking about remembering the one you love the most!!



this movie is about being trans i think!!

Julian Goldberger’s award-winning film tells the story of a fifteen-year old Ryan Kazinski who dreams his days away in Florida’s juvenile detention system, and then escapes only to have his frailty becomes his undoing.

Buy it here!

Fake Mustaches 

i got these for kwai because he’s not on T yet but he gets really sad that he doesnt have any facial hair yet :’(

it looks so natural!

Buy them here!

Baggy Cargo Shorts

i got these for kwai because their so masculine and its easier for him to carry his supplies for “shark week” because duh he doesnt carry a purse hes a boy!!!!!!

the moustaches fit in the pockets too!

Buy them here!

Transgender Pewter Pendant

i bought this for kwai and if he doesnt wear it i totally want to because its so cute and i want everyone to know that hes my transgender boy!! he seemed really excited when i bought it but i havent seen him ware it so idk

i think its real silver

Buy it here!

Testosterone booster!!!!!!

kwai isnt on T yet because his folks wont let him yet, so i got him some natural testosterone from here so that he doesnt even need T!!!!!

huge dick pills

But it here!

So anyway, i could only spend that much on him because my mom still monitors my checking account and debit card, but i love him so much thati convinced her to let me have this much so i could make kwais TDOR the best tdor he ever had!! 

I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!

~* Hello Tumblr *~

Hey there tumblrites! My name is Britt and welcome to my new tumblr about my trans* boyfriend! I started this tumblr because I know that being a trans* can be hard and I love him and I’m so proud of him! I also started this tumblr because I know that dating a trans*boi can be mind boggling and totally wild. I want to offer my advice on how to treat your man so that you can stay together forever.

About me!!!

Well, I already said that my name is Brytt and I attend Elizabeth County High School. Go Pioneers!!! I love to watch romcoms, shop (‘till I drop) at Forever 21, and unconditionally love my trans* boyfriend!!!1

About him!!!!!

My trans* boyfriend’s name is Qyidian, i call him kwai 4 short. He;s my total huggy bear! My trans*Kwai goes to a different school than me (Go Bearcats!) but our school rivalry doesn’t get in the way of our eternal luv. He likes to fix computers, ride his sk8board, and hang out at the local GLBT center (I don’t usually go there. It’s far away and I don’t getting hit on the whole time by lesbeans) i really love all gay people, tho.

ne way!  

hope i can help any trans*gender people or girlfriends of trans*gender people out by running the blog feel free to message me I ALWAYS FOLLOW BACK HMU<333